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Lobbying is an innovative way to manage and register visitors, which increases the security of your company and improves the experience of your visitors, contractors and employees. Lobbying is designed to protect your employees and your company, making sure that only authorized people have access.

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Lobbying registers all visitors and allows in a simple way to review the data, as well as export them for future analysis. If your company is a regulated industry, Lobbying is a solution for your business, it helps to comply with ITAR, PCI and other internal and external standards.







Registration of Visits APP

Increase Efficiency, optimize discontinued processes and improve safety.

The Lobby is the first impression that your company delivers to your visitors. It is also the first area to be protected and the first security checkpoint.

Lobbying Backend

Through the Administrator, you will be able to consult all the visits that your employees receive and in addition:

  • Review the timeliness of customer service
  • Consult with photos and complete data to each of the visitors
  • Issue evacuation alerts to each of the Employees

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We offer three types of plans that cover the needs of all companies. We provide them with monthly or annual payments.

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Lobbying provides an application for the users of the company, which allows the registration of meetings and convene visitors. They get an email with a QR code which they must scan in the registration application that will be found in the Lobby of your company.

Through the user application, Lobbying sends a PUSH notification indicating the arrival of their scheduled visits. It also communicates about uninvited visitors, Package Retreats and Deliveries.

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